11 Mar 2012 | Auntie Annie’s, Belfast.

Little Doses – Rock Riot Soul Tour 2012
Auntie Annie’s (Belfast)
11th March 2011

We played in Auntie Annie’s (Belfast – Dublin Road) with Little Doses, which is Mark McClelland from Snow Patrol’s new band.  There’s a photo album of pictures here, some of which are courtesy of Argyll Images and Carrie Davenport.  Also, BBC Across The Line did a review here.

» Setlist

[01]  Someone’s Love on Drugs
[02]  Burning The Tracks
[03]  Triggerfinger
[04]  If I Could & You Ever Would
[05]  Silent Picture Show
[06]  We Were The Ones


10 Mar 2012 | The Slip, Portaferry

The Slip (Portaferry)
Saturday 10th March 2012

In conjunction with City Nights on Citybeat we played an acoustic set at The Slip, Portaferry.

» Setlist
[01]  Someone’s Love on Drugs
[02]  Burning The Tracks
[03]  Triggerfinger
[04]  Song of Lust
[05]  If I Could & You Ever Would
[06]  Nobody Wants To Know
[07]  Silent Picture Show
[08]  We Were The Ones
[09]  Shoulda Said Something
[10]  Letter From Abroad
[11]  Jefferson Was Right

7 Mar 2012 | Citybeat 96.7 FM (Radio Session)

Citybeat 96.7fm (Belfast)
City Nights w/ David Gordon
Thursday 8th March 2012

We did an acoustic session and interview for David Gordon on his City Nights programme on Citybeat 96.7fm in Northern Ireland.  It was sponsored by The Slip in Portaferry, where we played the following Saturday 10th March.  It went great, so thanks to David & The Slip Bar.

» Setlist

[01]  Someone’s Love on Drugs
[02]  Jefferson Was Right

29 Feb 2012 | Blast 106 FM (Radio Session)

Blast 106fm (Belfast)
Through The Wall w/ James Magill

Wednesday 29th February 2012

Unquiet Nights did 3 songs live on James Magill’s Through The Wall programme on Blast 106fm (Belfast), and talked a bit about the release of 21st Century Redemption Songs.

» Setlist

[01]  Burning The Tracks
[02]  Someone’s Love on Drugs
[03]  We Were The Ones

24 Feb 2012 | The King’s Head, Belfast.

Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival
Paul Casey & Unquiet Nights
The King’s Head
Friday 24th February 2012

We played as support to Irish songwriter Paul Casey at the Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival on Friday February 24th at The King’s Head, Belfast.  A great night was had by all.

Photos on Facebook & Flickr.

» Setlist
[01]  If I Could & You Ever Would
[02]  Triggerfinger
[03]  Nobody Wants To Know
[04]  Letter From Abroad
[05]  Jefferson Was Right
[06]  Someone’s Love on Drugs
[07]  Silent Picture Show
[08]  We Were The Ones

19 Feb 2012 | Balcony TV

Balcony TV (Dublin)
Sweeney’s Bar Rooftop
Sunday 19th February 2012

We played “Someone’s Love on Drugs” on Balcony TV, to promote the first album “21st Century Redemption Songs“.  Last January we had played “Burning The Tracks” in their old location at the Morgan Hotel.

17 Sep 2011 | Radio Galileo, Terni (Italy).

» Setlist

[01]  Shoulda Said Something
[02]  Burning The Tracks
[03]  Nobody Wants To Know
[04]  Song of Lust
[05]  Silent Picture Show
[06]  If I Could & You Ever Would
[07]  Triggerfinger
[08]  Someone’s Love on Drugs
[09]  We Were The Ones
[10]  Satellite

This session was part of the “10 Year Experience” on the Experience Due programme on Radio Galileo.  It broadcast live  on FM in the Lazio & Umbria regions of Italy, as well as web stream.  The band were promoting the forthcoming release of 21st Century Redemption Songs. Read more about this gig in the September 2011 blog update at unquietnights.com.