17 Sep 2011 | Radio Galileo, Terni (Italy).

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[01]  Shoulda Said Something
[02]  Burning The Tracks
[03]  Nobody Wants To Know
[04]  Song of Lust
[05]  Silent Picture Show
[06]  If I Could & You Ever Would
[07]  Triggerfinger
[08]  Someone’s Love on Drugs
[09]  We Were The Ones
[10]  Satellite

This session was part of the “10 Year Experience” on the Experience Due programme on Radio Galileo.  It broadcast live  on FM in the Lazio & Umbria regions of Italy, as well as web stream.  The band were promoting the forthcoming release of 21st Century Redemption Songs. Read more about this gig in the September 2011 blog update at unquietnights.com.